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I whinge, therefore I am

When did wonders cease? What was the precise moment we all turned into such a bunch of whingers? Whinging has become an international pastime. Once reserved for us Brits, it's gone pandemic. And it’s almost entirely over the most ridiculous things, like “the new timeline”. It’s not a real problem is it - a new social networking layout, more a mild inconvenience for say, 30 seconds while your eyes get used to it.

We’ve all gone a bit mental forgetting how easy we actually have it. The more technology we use, the more impatient and pissed off we get. Believe it or not there was a time if someone moved to another village it’s likely you would never see or speak to them EVER AGAIN. Now you can move to the other side of the planet and the exact moment you go online the world knows about it.

If there was a Ye Olde Facebook would people have wasted time on such thoughts as “I see Arthur’s checked-in at Court today. He's really changed since that whole sword/stone incident.” No, because everyone would have been blown away by the wonderment of it’s mere existence.

Nothing amazes us anymore and our apathy makes us whinge and whine at will, listing our first world problems. I’m as guilty as the next person. But let’s just take a moment. Contemplate. Our lives are pretty amazing. We live in a time when trapped Chilean Miners have iPods and human life in disaster zones can be detected by ROBOTS. Most of us can go wherever we please and the world is at our fingertips, literally. So feel free to post this on your various social networking sites, cheers.

Louis CK summed up the whole spoilt generation thing brilliantly on Conan.

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